International Conference -Världkulturmuseet

Event photography in Gothenburg’s Museum of World Culture (Göteborgs Världskulturmuseet). Over 250 dignitaries gathered here from all over the world as the evening part of their conference in Svenska Mässan earlier in the day.


The Värlskulturmuseet is an amazing building with a vast space used for parties, conferences, conventions, club nights and even sporting fixtures. In this case, it functioned as both a party and dinner venue as well as a museum as several groups took a private tour of the award-winning ‘Africa is a wonderful country’ photography and art exhibition. The light, especially during the summer is phenomenal which allowed for some great candid shots of dignitaries as the midsummer sun spread across the tables.

Finally the venue became an after-dinner performance space with thanks to the contortionist twins duovilja for some spectacular acrobatics. And as the whole party came to end, I had one of the fastest ever requests for a whole group photo. Now, anyone who knows the Världkulturmuseet will know that it’s not a place for simple bounce flash photography… and certainly not when you need to light up 250 people… I’m not saying it’s the best group shot I’ve ever taken… but with 5 minutes warning from the organisers and my remote flashes packed up, I’m pretty pleased with the results!

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