Trädgårdsföreningen -Bröllopsplats & fest lokal

The Trädgårdsföreningen (Garden Association) is a favourite spot of mine for bröllopsbilder.

Right in the centre of Göteborg, it can be used both as a festlokal for your wedding reception, but is also a great place for wedding photos for couples getting married in town but who want a bit of nature to their pictures.

The gardens themselves date right back to the 19th century with the rose garden and the palm houses as two of the highlights. Since a few years ago, entry to the gardens and palm houses has been free year-round

Many brides have bouquets that match the season which is sometimes hard to show in central Gothenburg. In case of rain, there are always the palm houses. While there’s not a lot of room, you can have some great fun with photos in thick foliage even in a winter wedding. Even in bright sunny days which can be a real challenge for the kind of gentle light you need for good couple photos, there’s plenty of shade around the far side.

Rosenkafeet is available as a festlokal providing a beautiful setting for a reception and is very convenient for the centre of town and the station. They can provide a sit down dinner for up to 40 wedding guests, a licensed bar and of course lots of room for children outside.

Trägårdsföreningen Göteborg bröllop

Gothenburg, Trädgårdsföreningen bröllop

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Gothenburg, rosenkafeet

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Gothenburg, rosenkafeet
Gothenburg, rosenkafeet

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