Back in the driving seat

Spring is here, and with it the return of the blog. I realised the other day that not only has it been months since I updated this, I didn’t even sign off with the end of the season back in November (there was to be an update at Christmas, but a batch of what I like to tell people was Swine flu put everything else on hold for a bit).

So what do photographers in chilly climates do outside the wedding season? It’s been fairly quite really, trying to get myself registered in Sweden and getting ready to start here in earnest just as soon as I get a final few confirmations from Migrationsverket which will allow me to set up a company here. Big news is that there’s also studio coming together, but more on that another time.

Highlight of the off-season is always the SWPP convention in London. The SWPP is the UK’s principal Society for Wedding and Portrait photographers who host one of the largest conventions of its type in January. It’s a great chance to keep up to date with developments in the industry as well as to experience some really inspiring talks and demonstrations and of course the trade fair which never ceases to amaze with the number of toys to play with and the quality of some of the product offerings, although I’m still a firm believer that Loxley Colour still have the edge.

It’s also a very good time for a bit of professional development and an opportunity to spend some more leisurely time honing skills behind the lens instead of in front of the editing screen. I was able to attend a workshop at the end of last year with Adam Alex , one of the UK’s bigger names. Very interesting approach he has and looking forward to offering a more contemporary twist to my standard shoot this year to couples who want to include a touch of fashion inspired photography to their albums (but not Benetton… I have my limits.)

Right, that’s enough for now… but good to be back and watch this space.

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