Happy New Year

The thing with January is that I don’t usually have many clients and the weather is miserable which ought to make it the perfect time of year for my girlfriend and I to get away. Unfortunately, every year round about now, suddenly realise that the sheer volume of admin I’ve been neglecting for the rest of the year and have very little time to do it in if we’re still going to make it. Ah well, live and learn (or not).
Was very pleased to get a copy of Folkuniversitet Väst’s 70th anniversary journal through the mail just after Christmas, which I did the pictures for back in October. Also, posting up a few portraits that didn’t make it onto the last entry before the holidays.
Off to the SWPP convention in London next week. For those unfamiliar, it’s one of the largest conventions of it’s kind in Europe offering several days of workshops and talks together with a major Trade Show and is a must for anyone working with portrait/wedding clients.
After that it’s (hopefully) some long-awaited sun for us and then back in time to start the weddings again with Chris and Isabel’s wedding in Hertfordshire on the 13th February.

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