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Capital Age Festival

Got a whole load to catch up with, but let’s start off with a few pictures from the Capital Age Festival in London: two weeks’ of older people’s community-based arts and performance groups. Quite astonishing easily we can dismiss just how perfectly capable and creative a lot of older people are. Lots more information here.

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New client area

The observant of you will notice that the site’s looking a bit different today. New logo, new client area, but please bear with us while all the little links and pieces are sorted out and do please contact me if you find missing links or anything gone completely haywire! For the most part I’m pretty pleased […]

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Nicola headshots

A few publicity headshots for Nicola Doherty whose debut novel ‘The Out of Office Girl’ hits shelves shortly. -Update: Clearly did something right with these shots. Less than a year later, I’m shooting her wedding!

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