Göteborg Mode Event: Tillskärarakadamiens fashion show

A few shots from last week’s Tillskärarakadamiens fashion show.

Some really impressive pieces of work here ad the venue was fantastic. “Beautiful Carpark” isn’t a phrase that gets used very often, but this one on Magasinsgatan is a phenomenal old building with a perfectly even lit interior and a real grungy quality to the walls and floor that made for a great backdrop.

Really impressed by all the work that was on display and both the models and organisers did a great job of putting the whole thing together.

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Capital Age Festival

The Capital Age festival is a London-based festival incorporating a large number of performance and art groups for older people. The emphasis is on community-based theatre but there are also a number of installation pieces, films, singing and story-telling involved. Much of  the content is around empowering the capital’s older generation and challenging the view that performance arts should only be for the  young and the professional.

This collection of images are from a commission to record the 2012 Capital Age Festival in various locations around the city.

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