Capital Age Festival

The Capital Age festival is a London-based festival incorporating a large number of performance and art groups for older people. The emphasis is on community-based theatre but there are also a number of installation pieces, films, singing and story-telling involved. Much of  the content is around empowering the capital’s older generation and challenging the view that performance arts should only be for the  young and the professional.

This collection of images are from a commission to record the 2012 Capital Age Festival in various locations around the city.

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A Day in the life- Folkuniversitetet


These images were a commercial commission to be used in a book commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Swedish Folkuniversity. The idea was to present a simple day in the life of the Gothenburg campuses through photographs showing the broad range of educational subjects they offer and the people who attend them.

Begun in 1933, Swedish Folkuniversities were envisaged as a means to offer adult education to all those who wished for it. Most importantly they were to be independent of all political, social or religious affiliation with pure education to be their only goal.

Today Folkuniversities are found throughout Sweden offering the same calibre of quality adult education for all. In Gothenburg alone, these various pictures are from the Konstskolan  (Art school), SFI (Swedish for immgrants programme), Balletakadamien (Dance school) and the main administrative offices by Järntåget.

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